On the comeback trail

Just gotta believe.  Well, certainly a tenacious belief, yes, but a good deal of homework won’t hurt either.  The band, my erstwhile Legion of Flying Monkeys have been busting their collective humps of late, attending practice and generally trying each of my ludicrous whims.  Our latest show was an outdoor gig at Colony Farms this past Sunday, June 26th, and a very fine time it was.  But if you want the unedited, adult version of us, then you need to come to the Railway Club on Wednesday, July 13th from 7:30 – 8:30pm for the Stupor Bloggerson Summer Blow, wherein we will be debuting the new, interactive piece called ‘Massive Cannon in G’ so as to prepare us for the big Stanley Park Waterfight  the following Saturday.   Keen Legionnaires will want to be in on the singing.

And it’s all FREE, FREE, FREE!!  (Don’t worry, a cover charge is coming this fall.  I know you’re eager to give us money.)  In the studio, continued labours were interrupted by a pending interview with the CBC for a TV series about hidden Vancouver cultural secrets, in this case, I suppose, me.   A pending interview means many days of cleaning.  Thus, the aforementioned interruption.

More studio work:  a hinge pin carved for the single-piece, articulated Empress bell.  The pin is carved from a Brazilian hardwood called Cocobolo, a very lovely wood which I have in diminishing supply.

Time slips away, my friends.   Here we are, the beginning of July.  My gourd plants are scarcely grown at MOP garden, and my Empress staves have largely finished their battery powered new growth, regardless of a complete lack of roots.

My mojo is back in place, a direct result of performing the Colony Farms Summer Fete gig.  This esteem, whether composed of complete self-delusion or skill won through determined labour, I cannot entirely say.  The result, however, is an eager willingness to march out more monkey-business in the immediate future.  Hope you’re still entertained.


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