August will finish large.

Greetings Legionnaires and affiliate observers.

Three, count ’em, three Legion of Flying Monkeys performances await you toward the end of this month:

  • The first will be at the Railway Club on Wednesday, Aug. 24th from 7:30-8:30 (the Super Robertson Supper Show)
  • the second, three days later at Lumberman’s Arch in Stanley Park wherein the LFM will open the giant waterfight with a new song at 1pm (message me if you would like to be in the Wet Choir alongside the Wet Band)
  • the third,  at MOP Garden (corner of 6th and St. Catherines) on Sunday Aug. 28th from 1-4 (the Shade and Song Tea Party)

And it’s all free, free, free unlike September 10th when I expect you to fork out $15 for the awesome privilege of sitting in some fancy-schmancy jazz club (Ironworks) just to hear our shenanigans.  More on that one later.   If you’re still reading, here’s the Shade and Song Tea Party poster:

Meantime, I’m running PanFlute classes at the MOP Garden (next one is Aug 16th from 6-8pm.  No registration required)  with the plan to build an additional panflute orchestra to dovetail with my band for the aforementioned tea party (see poster above).  Could be beautiful.  Could be messy.  Click here to register for the Sun. Aug 21st panflute class.

It will get busier, to be sure.  These notes only cover the high points.  But life is very good.  For me, this is living it large.


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