Prime Apes on Display

Between having a band, and mounting a show with said band lies the actual work. In less than two weeks, on Saturday December 6th, we play at Lanalou’s on Powell Street. Discipline is my only hope. Without committing to a deadline, however arbitrary, I believe the sum of my labours would be little more than an amorphous list of internet news and some pointy rocks in a drawer. But we keep at it, the LFM, yes we do. And Lanalou’s is our next shot at that intimate space. Word has it they serve both food and craft beer. If you are tempted to come, you have from now until then to earn the extra ten bucks to get in the door. Lanalou’s is on Powell Street one and a half blocks East of Main. Doors open at 8 pm. Please stare at the poster below.

Lanalous Dec 6 2014 web

An all too rare watercolour on paper design (with some photoshop additions) just because I was on an island without my computer for a weekend.



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