He Sees you when you’re Sleeping!

During the dark season, it falls upon the people to make their own brilliance, to shine the light contained in ourselves upon one another – tribal remedy versus despair. Such is the purpose of Clown Parade, our annual attack upon Gastown, this year the tenth such occurrence, happening on December 21, Solstice. If you are tempted to come and play along, now is the time to think about your costume. Muster location details following the poster:Clown Parade poster 2014aWe will gather at Casa Monkey for 7pm, fix our makeup (facepainting assistance is wanted), tweak our costumes, and down a few libations of courage before hitting the streets about 9 o’clock. Casa Monkey – #331 – 275 Alexander Street (1/2 block East of Main) Buzz 2242, or just yell ‘Hey Fire-Maaaaaan!’ really loud like. You may also wish to learn the following song:

This event is private. If you are a friend of mine, please feel free to invite others, but do me the courtesy of asking if there is room before you arrive with your giant entourage. The Straight Man role for this year has been awarded to Jeff Wilson. Congratulations, Jeff! I’m almost completely certain you will be unharmed by this experience.


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