The Curriculum Vitae of Mr. Fire-Man

Mr. Fire-Man’s* Curriculum Vitae    (David Gowman – Canadian Citizen)

Selected Shows, Events and Installations


‘the LFM Go to Spain’

– workshops and concerts at CACIS (Centre for Dialogue in Sustainability and ContemporaryArt), September/October, Artes, Spain

‘ Western Front Interactive Music Stage’

–concert following instrument building workshops at David Lam Park

for Jazz Fest June 30, Van, BC

‘LFM Evil Cult-o Licious Lounge’

– concert at the Ironworks, March 17, Vancouver, BC


‘The LFM Corporation Shareholders’ Report and Team Building Lounge

–concert- Sept.10, Ironworks Studio, Van. BC

‘Strange, Beautiful and Interactive, the Fusion Aesthetic of the Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra’

–  concert, March 4.  Ironworks Studio, Van. BC

  ‘Clown Parade #7, the Straight Man’

-street performance, Dec. 17, Van., BC

 ‘Colony Farms Summer Fete’

–concert – June 15, Coquitlam, BC

‘The Shade and Song Tea Party’

– concert at the MOP Garden, Aug 28, Vancouver, BC

 ‘Country Celebration’ – concert- August 16, Langley, BC


  ‘The Legion of Flying Monkeys Corporation Shareholders Report and Puppet Show’  

-concert, Jan 27 – The Railway Club, Vancouver BC


 ‘Clown Parade, Fifth Anniversary’

–street performance, Dec. 12.Van. BC

‘The Legion of Flying Monkeys Mass Wedding and Tea’

Apr 3-5 – Camp Elphinstone, Gibsons BC

Means of Production Garden Tea Parties (featuring the Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra)

Sun. Apr. 26, Sun. Jun 21, Sun. Sept. 13 – Van. BC

The Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra at the Firehall Arts Centre – concert

– Sept. 24, Van. BC

 Incendio Restaurant (installation of new oil paintings) Sept 30, Van. BC

‘Clown Parade’ Dec13  street performance, Van. BC


 The Super Robertson Supper Show (featuring the Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra)

– Jan., Mar., May., Aug., Oct., Dec., Railway Club, Van. BC.

‘Cirque Du Sage’ – a performance oil painting.  Dec. 6, Aisle 45 Van. BC


‘Clown Parade’ Dec 14 – street performance, Van. BC

‘The Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra’

– a concert.  June 24 –  The Elliot Louis Gallery

‘Recompression’ (featuring the Legion of Flying Monkeys) Apr. 4-6.  Camp Elphinstone, Gibsons BC


  ‘Clown Parade’

Dec 15 – street performance, Van. BC

‘Wunderkind’ (featuring the Legion of Flying Monkeys) Apr. 22, Blim Gallery, Vancouver BC

Post Secondary Education:

        The Ontario College of Art (illustration) 1990-91

Conestoga College of Applied Art  (graphic design and advertising) 1987-89

Bark Lake Leadership Centre (outdoor education and programming) 1994


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