Legion of Flying Monkeys (Fu-)Horns

The basic elegance of L'Andrew's Bighorn

The basic elegance of L’Andrew’s Bighorn

What’s a Fu-horn?    As in karate, meaning ‘the way of the open hand’, so should ‘Fu-horn’ evoke the way of the hornmaker or player.  ‘Fu’ in Chinese means either ‘man’ or a suffix to evoke ‘intensity’.  Either will work to describe the studio products of a guy called Mr. Fire-Man.

promo 4 2013

A pair of trumpets on the hillside at the MOP Garden in Mount Pleasant.

web update 2013

project update

New Empress of Fu

New Empress of Fu and player

May 1 2014 009a

the original fuhorn


mouthpiece (or leadpipe carrier) carved from cherry

mouthpiece (or leadpipe carrier) carved from cherry


the process leads to interesting shapes

the process leads to interesting shapes

Don’t blame me for being showy.  There’s no joy quite like a new horn.  In particular, there’s no joy like a new horn with moving parts.

This fine elderberry piece called ‘the Wah-wahorn’ is a return to smaller instruments after many years pursuant of giant sound chambers (mostly made of hogweed).  The reason?  They work.

The state of this art is derived from several years experimenting with wooden (or relative natural materials) chambered horns.  These days, I’m only interested in chambers designed of one piece that self-drain when upended after playing.  Below is an old prototype of a trombone, complete with moving slide.

The very beautiful slide horn

The Travelling Horn (with detachable bell/hat).   The hat is felt hardened with varnish.  The main part of the horn body is empress wood.


8 thoughts on “Legion of Flying Monkeys (Fu-)Horns

  1. Hello! I’m the Performance Director for Parade of Lost Souls, call me if you want to perform this year. Oct 29th. You will fit right into the theme and feel. 604 700 8528 Kat Single-Dain, Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret

  2. A very talented bunch of musicians! The instruments are also works of art! We saw you at the Winter Soltice event at Creekside; thanks for letting me try out the long horn. 🙂

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  4. Brother, I miss your eccentric breath of fresh air! Let’s go look for sticks!!!!!:)…. It’s been years!

  5. Yes I live in Vancouver still! On cambie near city hall! I wanna c u!!! Ok I will c abt coming to your show! U can email me personally! C u soon ! Xo samm

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