Commitment is assumed.

Quality, an occasional byproduct.

Upcoming for me and the LFM, if you are hoping for information from this indulgent place:

Sunday June 5th, I am playing with a group of skilled musicians called ‘Doom Lounge’ in a backyard somewhere in East Van for the In The House Festival.  (location to be announced)  In The House (June 5th ‘Doom Lounge’)  7pm – 8:45pm.  Buy tickets in advance!  They sell out as I’m told.

Saturday July 16th – the LFM plays as ‘The Wet Band’ at Vancouver’s Largest Waterfight in Stanley Park at Lumberman’s Arch.  This is an early announcement, as the moderator has yet to actually commit to a date.  I’m betting he’ll go for Saturday, July 16th at 1pm.  But you should link to this site for the Facebook Vancouver Waterfight Group just to keep up to date.  Expect to be invited to sing in the Wet Choir along side the Wet Band.  We’re rehearsing something very fun for the opening act.

In the studio lately, plenty of work when I can sneak it in.  The single piece empress horn bell and mute are shaping up.

Above is the empresswood single piece mute separated from the bell, in process.  Here you see me carving with a scoop gouge (a chisel) in a posture that will eventually throw out my back but is good enough for the short term.

And there above is the two pieces fitted together, minus the hinge pin, all still in process.  Empresswood is a dream to carve, but only if your tools are very very sharp.  Otherwise the grain likes to crush and looks ragged.

My cache of drying empress shafts have begun to sprout.  Perhaps unaware that they have been removed from the tree, they still seem intent to make leaves from their residual power.

a 10' shaft sprouting in a shady corner of my porch.

Sprouts at week #2

Sprouts at week #4

Tenacious, to say the least.   On a relative note, I have been recently accused of being too free with my horn offerings on a friend’s stage.  It’s all true!  Committing to this experimental form has made me, perhaps, too keen to find stage time.  Too keen to the detriment of musicians in my circle, musicians who are tired of having their moments overblown with free wood horn solos that make their blood boil.

Perhaps more than just tenacity, which I have in abundance, I must practice my discernment.

What?  You’re still reading this?  My friend, you have too much free time.  Anyway, since you’re still reading, here’s a link to a rough cut for an upcoming song the LFM is working on.    BEWARE !!  ( Don’t tell nobody.)


2 thoughts on “Commitment is assumed.

  1. David,
    What fun to meet you, a righteous and natural member of Evelyn’s tribe, the day after I’d read the story on you in the V Observer! Let me know please when I can witness the orchestra in action.
    Perhaps you’d be interested in dropping in at the regular Monday Jazz Jam in the Cottage Bistro, run by my Sn-colleague Maurice Bridge: a happy bunch of enthusiasts, retireds, pro players and what-have-yous playing standards. For instance, Ray Ayotte, the drum maker, is there every time. Could use some unusual instruments from time to time I’d say.
    By the way, I was partnered up with Michael Dunn, the guitarmaker, for 17 years so have more than the usual interest in instrument making, admire the craft and know many of the ‘more traditional ones’ such as Ray Nurse, Bob McLaughlin, Ted Turner and Craig.
    Wunderbar. Be well!

  2. Your blog is awesome! I love the care you take with illustrating the photos and guiding us through the process. Every word I read with your voice in my brain, and you are grinning a knowing grin.

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