You’d better watch out.

Well boys and girls, that time is coming around again.  The eighth annual Clown Parade in Gastown is Saturday December 15th at 7pm.   With the assistance of the marvellous Chris Hixon, the party room at 4 Sisters Co-op (in Gastown, complete with kitchen, bathroom and couches) is booked, and the poster is off to the printer.

There will be some logistics for how we get entrance to said party room, but that will be either updated here,  or on a facebook event page.  Perhaps both if I’m Mr. Organized.  Time to dust off your giant shoes and red noses.  I’m also looking for a volunteer to play the straight man in the ‘straight man gets clownified’ routine reprized from last year’s very successful event.

Gathering time is 7pm.  Prepare as much of your own costume and facepaint as you can.  I will be able to provide some facepainting, but volunteer artists are useful, as are potluck items such as roast duck and too much beer.

As per normal, I will have a limited run of this year’s poster to give out to anyone in attendance, until they are gone.  Let me know if you need one set aside in advance.


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