Commission Horn Update

Furious work in the studio of late, leading to good progress on the newest horn, this commission piece for my client (who must remain internet anonymous).

The pleasure from reaching this stage is that initial sound tests can begin.  My guesses about the qualities of the notes and her range bear fruit.  So far, she is in G with a smooth, deep tone.

Veneer strapping will ultimately happen over each segmented curve and over each butt-joint to add strength, prior to varnishing the inside and outside with a varathane (waterbourne) coating.

blah blah blah aren’t I fantastic, blah blah blah.

There is also quite a bit of work begun on the mouthpiece/leadpipe section, though it will not photograph very well at this stage.   Stay tuned.   The Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra is scheduled to play Solstice (Dec 21) with the Secret Lantern Society at Creekside Community Centre in the Olympic Village, an evening show.  More on that later.  Thanks for reading.


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