A very special field trip

Sometimes the good stuff ends up over here at Oncle Hoonki’s

Oncle Höonki's Fabulous Hornshop

Oncle Hoonki’s Fabulous Hornshop had a field trip yesterday. We took horns to the Means of Production Garden for a tea party on the hillside, and played them in the amphitheatre while pretty people ate snacks in dappled shade.

photo(35) Alexis, Liisa and Pandora upselling the lifestyle.

photo(36) Over-exploited musicians resting before the big show.

photo(37) A cluster of Fu-horns awaiting transport down to the amphitheatre.

photo(34) The Tea Tent ready for service.

photo(33) Ms. Greenwood catching sunlight.

photo(32) Musicians to the stage!

photo(31) Colleen lounges in the amphitheatre whilst minding Hazel, the dog who would upstage us during the first set.

photo(29) Time to pack up.

photo(28) Please pick up after your dog.

This Tuesday, June 2, we will meet at Oncle Hoonki’s for 6, grab tools and horns, and parade over to Trillium for a 7pm ‘Sofa Carving Session’. Trillium North Park is on the Southwest end of Stratchcona neighbourhood. Get to Malkin Ave. and go as…

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