The word of the day is…

An immense day, this Saturday past, culmination of a week to be remembered.  Give me this paragraph to boast and I’ll be done with it soon enough.

Great show the week prior. Still coming down from the heady wonder of singing and playing with a maturing band. Won the grant! This next video project brought to you by money! But wait there’s more. Environmental Youth Alliance and Cottonwood Garden folks have all expressed immediate enthusiasm over the idea of yours truly pollarding their overgrown Empress tree to produce annual trumpet sticks. In a moment, I am wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.

Yesterday morning, Saturday the 23rd, I left the house around quarter to one. Such a nice day, called up Chris. ‘Hey, you wanna come for a walk with me and the dog, go have a look at a tree I may get to harvest?’ ‘Sure’, he says, and off we go into Strathcona, me doing my best to keep up with the Hixon’s pace, bouncing zombie video concepts around all the while.

Run into my old pal, Rollexx. ‘Wanna come and see a tree?’ I says. ‘Sure’ he says and joins our merry parade. Soon we are there, the southeastern edge of Cottonwood and I am, again, lost in horn-o-vision. (A rough count from the pictures isolates a low estimate of 24 separate horn projects from the initial pollard/harvest)

Took a snack at Union Market in Strathcona before dropping in to see Sharon at the Urban Weaver Studio and wandering home around 3:30, happy as a clam.

Checked my e-mail. Letter from my agent. ‘Where are you??!! It’s one o’clock, you’re supposed to be here (City Central, Surrey) drawing caricatures at the tree lighting ceremony!!!!!!

That’s when the day picked up a pace.


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