Epic Battles Past and upcoming Summer Fun

First of all, this is what just happened:

So you know, you won’t always get wet at an LFM show, in case that video suggested otherwise. Coming up next is an easygoing music jam called ‘The Hillside Honk’ at the MOP Garden (East 6th and St. Catherines) on Thursday August 22nd from 5:30 – 8:30pm.  Come out with your instrument, or try one of mine.

The big event this month is Saturday August 24th.  We’re playing the Lumberman’s Arch stage at the Stanley Park 125th Celebration.  Last I heard, we’re on at 6:30pm. Come and stand up by the stage. I want singers in the audience, and its more fun if we can hear you. Also, if one of you is secretly aching to wear the Green Monkey outfit and dance around during a song, I can make that happen. Send me a message.


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