How to Smash a Perfectly Good Horn

If my sensationalist title has lured you here to this paragraph in the hopes of reading exploits of recent Mr. Fire-Man disasters, you my friend will be this once disapointed.  The smashing in question is a step in the construction of the next  horn from the studio of yours truly.

In an effort to produce a mid-size horn with a severe taper and plenty of wide chamber for rich, vibrant bass notes, it became necessary to mock up the pieces into their final shape before hollowing.  This advanced work allows the outside edges to be carved into one continuous taper, leading to the possibility of thinner walls and, most important of all, a gracefully tapering inner chamber.

Once the pieces are roughly shaped, glued into place and carved into smooth transitions, it can be – wait for it- smashed apart with a wooden mallet.  After smashing, each piece can be attentively hollowed in a long haze of exhaustive carving and, hopefully, still functioning elbow tendons.

Thanks for reading.  The LFM are playing Thursday March 7 (7-10) in the evening at Slocan Park Fieldhouse as part of a series called East Van Moon Jam.  With luck we’ll have the amazing Brad Muirhead as a guest horn player.  Stay tuned!


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