Spain again, on a plane

Time flies when you’re painting varnish over wool blankets, as they say.  I’ve built 7 cases for horns going to Spain.  The plan is to have a residency at CACIS, the unbelievable art centre in the forest near Artes, make a giant woodhorn, do some other very fun things, and have a concert a few days after the band arrives around the start of October.
But first, let me obsess a little over this horn.  I cut the form off Joan and Roser’s property back in 2010, a fourteen-footer of pine, sealed the cut ends with acrylic and paper, hung it from their rafter in the cold room, and left the country promising to return to finish the job, sometime in 2012.

Now it’s that time.  Leaving on a jetplane tomorrow morning, actually, with a hand-made adze in my suitcase.

Probably time for the cartoon.  Remember to click on it to make it bigger.

Somebody wish me luck.  See you on October.


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