Once more into the fray

The Railway Club is a harsh mistress.  In many ways, the last bastion of independent music in Vancouver, hers is a stage to be sought after, to be cherished and celebrated.  And I do, I do, I promise you.  Each moment on her little stage is gold, whether we engage the in-before-the-cover-charge-7:30pm-post-work-don’t-give-a-shit-about-live-music audience or not, whether we are interrupted for hockey (and made to play inbetween periods) or not, whether the sound guy shows up in time for a sound check or not (always not), whether the ancient curtain tears off the ceiling in your hands the moment you attempt to draw it closed, or not (actually I stopped trying a while ago once it was down to two hooks holding it up at all), whether someone is bitching about how we used to get beer and food for this gig, or not.  Gold, I tell you, gold.  Pulling off a win under such circumstances is a very juicy win indeed, and I am in no mind to quit now.

Should you find yourself uncommitted on Wednesday the 30th of May, and in the Vancouver area, perhaps you’d like to join us above the corner of Dunsmuir and Seymour street around 7:30pm for a very special* evening

*Special as in, I can promise you there is nothing quite the same as a Railway Club show.  My best advice is to go with the flow and sit near the front.  The food is also worth a try.


6 thoughts on “Once more into the fray

  1. Delighted by your entertaining performance at Vancouver MiniMaker Faire today. Seriously talented musicians captivated a loving family like setting and sent out love in the world today. I was feeling like an enchanted child today. I am 60 years young.thank you

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