Words cannot express…

…the very fulfilling joy that is a decent performance.  Last Saturday, the Legionnaires hosted an event called ‘LFM Evil Cult-o Licious Lounge’ at the Ironworks (our perennial favourite, fancy jazz club-for-rent).  A good time was had, to say the least.

My hope is that you, dear reader, will be able to click on the image below and have the option of enlarging this panoramic picture (assembled from three photos taken by the very lovely Sharon Kallis), and have the opportunity to scroll along its length.  I will say that recordings have yet to capture the complexity of such moments.  Perhaps that is only my bias.   What was captured was the entirety of the LFM set by the Mighty Landrew (pictured above in the centre, partly obscured by his very large bass horn).  Our best moment, in my humble opinion was this track called ‘Massive Cannon in G minor’

Thanks for reading.  Gotta go.  Sharon’s having a bunch-o keeners over for tea, and I’m the requisite arm-candy.


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