Legitimacy by hook or by crook

Esteemed Legionnaires, and associate observers of varying participation,

How I hope you will come to my extravaganza at the Ironworks this coming Saturday, September 10th.  It is all too rare that I simply book a fancy space and cajole my talented musician friends to pony up with the stuff.  Currently, it is looking to be all kinds of fun.

More, I hope you can afford 15 bucks.    I’ve been giving it away for so long now, I’ve all but forgotten how to charge money at the door.  Guess we’ll find out if that works.

Did I mention Ironworks has a bar?  What about the Monkey/puppet show?  The awesome lineup?  No?  Okay, Jason Hall on teragato (a haunting clarinet relative from Hungary),  John Ames on cello, John Woods on guitar (he of the famous Wet Spots),  Daniel Lunn on drums, Jason Jones on keyboard and Gord Robert on vibraphone.  All of this plus the usual awesomeness of the Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra in the overwhelmingly beautiful venue that is Ironworks (at the corner of Main and Alexander in Gastown).

I’ll get back to posts about horn carving real soon.  Promise.


One thought on “Legitimacy by hook or by crook

  1. Had a lot of fun at the show at Ironworks! Mr. Fire-Man, I’m impressed with how you managed the whole thing and put all the disparate pieces together–including the volunteers for the improvs. Great voice and a conductor, too! A blast. Really liked the Cello Boy. The Baboons were a bit weird for me, but I stuck in there.
    p.s. Today, the next day, I rode my bike by the MoP and wandered around to check it out again. Love your commitment.

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