It was all going so smoothly when…

Drama in the studio this week, just in case you thought maybe it was all wood-chips and lollipops.  Turns out the unknown history of my wood pile can throw a wrench into the works at key moments, should the fates decide.   Be reassured, no one was harmed during this discovery, though the dog was startled at my sudden, loud swearing.

‘But wait!’, you ask.  ‘Why not repair the bell, all things being possible in woodworking?’

The quick answer is, ‘I’ve got plenty more wood.’  The longer answer is that the bell is the most important part of the instrument, both for reasons of vibration and aesthetics.  While I could make a decent patch, it would be a compromise of a previously unbroken circle of fibre that would not ring the same way again, no matter how skilled the repair.  Besides, this is a Mr. Fire-Man commission.  My orchestra must be pretty.

Off to rehearse with a group called ‘King Ore’ tonight.  We’re playing the In The House Festival on June 5th if you need to plan very far in advance.  More on that later.


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