Busy Wednesday night?

You’re not tired of this yet, are you?  This Wednesday at the Railway club (7:30 – 8:30 pm FREE!!) The Legion of Flying Monkeys return to the Super Robertson Supper Show for an all too rare multi-media show.

When my friends hear me use the phrase ‘multi-media’ they take it to mean ‘puppet show’.  While that happens to be true in this case, you can also expect a short film, the band and two guest musicians, John Korsrud (famous horn player/composer), and Daniel Lunn (Local superstar percussionist formerly of  Swarm).  Fans of the Legion of Flying Monkeys will be happy to see an appearance by Dr. Saline Pockets, Head of Science Division with an overview of ‘Progress’ thus far.   The evening will close with a poem moment by our very own  Super Robertson.

There are approximately eight of you who read this.   You should get some sort of bonus for paying any attention whatsoever, let alone reading this self-indulging rant all the way down to this point.  So here you go.  I’m inserting a surprise St. Patty’s Day moment into the show.  If you show up wearing green, and sit up front, we’ll look awesome.

It could work.


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