The Strange Beautiful and Interactive Fusion Aesthetic of the Legion of Flying Monkeys

Good things are happening.  I must take that important moment to notice before diving back into the maelstrom of tasks that constitute the daily regimen of one for whom good things happen, and just enjoy it.

There.  Now, back to work.

Friday, March 4th from 7-10 pm, you are invited to come to my art opening.  Yes you are.  Whoever you are.   See poster below.  Ironworks is at 235 Alexander Street at Main.  We will have a showing of landscape paintings, wood horns (the musical type), propagandist paraphernalia (mostly old show posters), and performance featuring the Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra and consenting members of the public on borrowed instruments.  The physical show runs until the end of March, more or less.

Again, as always, I hope you are coming.  Stay tuned for the following show on Wednesday March 16th at the Railway Club, 7:30-8:30.


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