August will be busy.

Fortune has me back to performing with the band.  No shortage of opportunity this month, starting with next Wednesday, the 18th at the Super Robertson Supper Show at the Railway Club.  (7:30 – 8:30 in case you’ve not heard by now.) Oh, wait, there’s a poster –

I can only begin to describe the benefit derived from these years of trial (and error) at the Railway Club under the patient and obviously fearless direction of Super Robertson.  What began as a lark, a jam band, has evolved into something akin to the kind of interactive experience of which I’ve dreamed.  Now to get the notes and timing right.

Following that is the Green Tea Party by MOPARRC (Means of Production Artists’ Raw Resource Collective, of which I’m the newest member, thank-you, thank-you), Sunday August 22nd from 3 ’til 6pm in China Creek Park up on the hill on the North West corner.

Hey, looky there, another poster just waiting to be viewed:

Featuring, you’ll note, the Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra playing another rousing, unplugged, outdoor set on the side of the hill tucked amongst the Hazel trees.  I sincerely hope the wasps have stayed away after I moved that nest from where we’ve always played.

If that isn’t enough, still one final performance for the LFM, this one in Crab Park down at the north end of Main Street, for my lovely wife’s final celebration of her Nest Project.  Sunday, August 29th from 1-4, you could come out and expect a good time with tea, snacks and music by the seaside.

Did I mention the price for all of the above?  Free.  Totally, unbelievably free.  Who loves ya!?



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