Will it always be last minute?

Eventually I should get to be that guy who books a show a year in advance, has a team of sycophants to advertise, promote, hang the show, and hump all the food and beer.   In a sense, little moments like that have already happened in my life.  However, the usual story is more like the one happening this month, where I’ve nailed down the venue a week ago for a show happening in less than three weeks.

Saturday, June 19th, you will find me and all of my best, shiniest horns at Ironworks Studio in Gastown, whooping it up for a three hour opening party starting at 7pm.   Somewhere before that, I should have found a way to hang said horns, printed the flyer, the poster and maybe even a new business card or two so as to be ready for the multitudes of keen horn fans likely to show.

Did I mention this will coincide with the Jazz Fest?  It could work out.  Yes it could.


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