Start Again

Its that interim time when some projects are finished and a fella’s gotta regroup, make plans for the next deadlines, and get his hustle back on.

I’m still buzzing from the wonder that was the LFM at Recompression.  My gang is maturing well and representing with an enviable output of culture tidbits.  These days we’ve a backlog of songs, costumes and interior/exterior design elements that tote lightly and serve us well in public.  More, I think there might actually be fans in Seattle!

LFM Mass Wedding and Tea 2010 photos by Squishelle

Currently I should be writing script and arranging songs for the upcoming show at the Railway on April 28th.  Super’s given us an hour, and I plan to use every minute with a mashup of puppets, projections and music.  Here’s hoping.

Meanwhile, my head is still stuck on the Sunshine Coast.

Old School advertising, monkey style.


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