Still alive post-Feastimus

And what a Feastimus it was.

I should count myself the most fortunate of men.  The gang has backed me up through the entirety of December, despite a heavy load of time consuming expectations.  First, we had us a Clown Parade on the 12th.  Everyone is expected to not only show up bearing snacks, drinks and a costume, but to submit to Choral Leadership and hit their cues whilst singing on the streets of Gastown.  And let me tell you, they certainly did.

photo credit: the amazing Peter 'Moustacheman' Lolley

Peter MoustacheMan Lolley photo credit!

Shortly after this very satisfying night,  an integrated one hour show at the Railway Club.   Now, the LFM, my erstwhile band, has played the Super Robertson Supper Show  before.  This time, however, we bit off a larger chunk of variety entertainment with an opening act puppet show featuring Dr. Saline Pockets, Vince, Lola and Roy ( a new singing puppet character).  The band backed us up for a puppet song, slid into the Jason Harder song moment, and finished the night with a few old singalong numbers for which purpose the LFM was formed.  Audence participation was high, and loud!

So here we are, two days past Dec. 25th.  Still breathing, still heating up leftovers.  Who knows what the New Year will bring.

Hope this note finds you well.


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