I can do all of this, right?

Clown Parade 09 teaserMy tasks extend into the unforeseeable future while the hours of each day are spent carving a lump of wood.   As I lie abed at night song arrangements march through my brain with frustrating  ease, only to be forgotten by morning, or set aside while mundane tasks take the fore.  What was I doing again?  Oh yes, gluing tubes together in the hopes that the bugs haven’t found an unassailable toe hold on my projects.  Must keep going.

My in laws are keeping me company today.   Leigh is resting a very temperamental back while Joan attempts a repair on Sharon’s Bernina sewing machine (damaged during the Banff project).

The Incendio reinstallation is effectively done.  The owner wanted a painting of a cyclist re-hung.  However, the designer, not concerned with the previous seven years of history, has installed light fixtures on the wall space where said painting has always been displayed.  Further, he has included a large screen tv in the new design of my once art-friendly restaurant.  Now patrons will watch the game while they are not purchasing paintings.   Good times.


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