Right About Now

Right about now I’m noticing how many commitments I’ve made for December, and just how much work is involved in making those promises come (even marginally) true.  Here then, for those who want to keep track, a short, incomplete list of unpaid tasks that lie ahead for Mr. Fire-Man:

Giant Cow Parsnip horn construction

1-the poster design for Clown Parade #5 on December 12th

2-tasks for the December 16th Supper Show with the LFM including,

-puppet booth alterations

-script writing

-the coordination of a video/slideshow with Chris Hixon

-song rewriting

-and rehearsals booked.

3-Horn work.  After two years labour, three new horns remain at 75% completion.   Time in the studio is precious and rare.

And this is merely what I can concoct in the three or so minutes available while I am ignoring my inlaws who are staying  with us for the next two weeks.   Lovely people.


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