Day 2 – October Temporary Solitude Project 09

That special person is gone to Banff for to make sculptures and moments with her art friends. Meantime, self-actualization must occur, here at Casa Monkey. What was I doing again?

A decent band practice last night. We may have lost our guitarist for good, alas, just in time for the October 21st Supper Show.
Time to scramble.

New paintings await the reopening of Incendio Restaurant, long my gallery in Gastown. Closed since January of this year, I’ve felt a bit adrift since the fire shut down operations. In the bigger scheme of things, I am the luckiest of men – a restaurant gallery called ‘Fire’, for an artist called ‘Fire-Man’. Patience. Must be patient.

oil on canvas 2009 36"X42"

oil on canvas 2009 36″X42″


One thought on “Day 2 – October Temporary Solitude Project 09

  1. ahhh, your wife left you last october to go make art elsewhere? is she making a habit of that? just showing your website to my hosts and came across this posting… go self actualize some more my love!2

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